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Additional Services

Business Plan Development

With a clear understanding of a compelling business case for growth, the information produced through the strategic planning phase is then assimilated to create a thoroughly documented, well-supported growth plan that optimally positions the company for the institutional capital markets. Positioning becomes critical to the capital sourcing and negotiation process because the investors focus is shifted from the historical results of today's business to the growth potential of tomorrow's opportunities.

By presenting a well-supported, viable growth plan, the company gains strong leverage to effectively negotiate the best possible financing terms given the needs of the company and its potential. Essentially, a sound business plan serves as the blueprint from which the future growth of the Company will be built on and the document institutional investors utilize to gain confidence and comfort with an investment decision.

Proposal Analysis and Negotiation

Tunstall Consulting serves as a unique intermediary since the Firm does not include term sheets in its business plans submitted to institutional investors. Tunstall's strategy is to leave determination of value and financial structure up to the financial markets. By soliciting interest from not one institution, but rather multiple, the institutions themselves serve to produce a true valuation and efficient financial structure for Tunstall's client.

Ongoing Management Services

Recognizing that our strategic guidance may serve as a strong influence on the future of our clients, the firm also offers ongoing management services. Participation such as seats on boards, execution of follow-on financings and facilitation of ongoing strategy development helps to ensure our client maintains their focus and meets their growth objectives.

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