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Strategic Planning &
Assessment Services

Entrepreneurs of growth companies are rarely short on ideas on how to expand their business. However, they often limit such thinking to include only those strategies that can be funded with internal working capital or modest amounts of external financing.

Strategic Planning and Assessment Services include a comprehensive analysis of a company's core competencies and the subsequent development of a growth plan that is developed without regard to current capital constraints. That is, we as our clients, "What would you do if you had all the money necessary to grow your business to its full potential?" Through this process Tunstall leads its experience in accessing the capital markets so as to develop a growth plan that is correctly positioned given the capital markets current prospective on a given client's product or service, industry and growth prospects. Elements of a plan designed to maximize growth potential often include one or more of the following growth initiatives:

  • Strategic Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and/or Alliances

  • New Product or Service Developments

  • Implementation of Aggressive Marketing Strategies and/or New Clannels for Distribution

  • Greater Geographic Expansion

  • Additions to Equipment and Human Resources

Tunstall works closely with our clients to analyze, critique and document each growth initiative, seeking to optimize the long-term performance and value of the company while at the same time establishing notable barriers to entry.

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