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Supporter of Entrepreneurship

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A Gordon Tunstall


Tunstall Consulting

13153 N. Dale Mabry

Tampa, FL 33618

Status: S Corp

Employees: 20

Year Founded: 1980

Nominated by: Michael L. Jamieson, Holland & Knight

Most of Gordon Tunstall's professional life has been primarily devoted to helping entrepreneurs. For the first 12 years he worked with entrepreneurs in a public accounting and banking capacity. In 1980, he started Tunstall Consulting Inc. Tunstall Consulting specializes in assisting young companies to develop a business plan and then accessing the capital markets to fund the plan.

Tunstall Consulting now assists more than 60 companies annually, raising proceeds consistently in excess of $500 million for those companies. For some clients, Tunstall and his staff continue to serve as financial advisors well after the initial transaction has been completed.

Most of Tunstall's competitors (mainly brokerage firms) typically require an equity stake in exchange for consulting or access to capital. As a result, many entrepreneurial companies believe that the cost/benefit ratio is too high. Tunstall, on the other hand, sets himself apart by adhering to a strict policy of only charging an hourly fee plus expenses.


This arrangement allows Tunstall Consulting to remain objective in assisting its clients to make correct decisions without bias, since the firm gets paid whether the deal gets done or not. Tunstall's success is best demonstrated by the successes of his clients. In Florida alone, Tunstall's clients include nine former Entrepreneur of The Year finalists.

Tunstall Consulting has raised more than $5 billion for entrepreneurial growth companies since its inception. In addition, Tunstall has been recognized by numerous organizations for his contributions to the entrepreneurial community.

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